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The main characteristic of this approach is its transversality. It consists in putting in perspective the rivers issues in order to identify differences but also similarities.

Their goal is to document and to turn into pictures the relationship between human beings and rivers, through the lens of those rivers. They studied all aspects of this relationship, whether cultural, historical, economic, social, environmental or geopolitical. In order to achieve this, they interviewed more than one hundred and fifty specialists working on rivers: institutions, facilities managers, scientists, non-governmental organizations...



Marine Ernoult, jurist in environmental law and Laurent Rigaux, civil engineer, founded the Grand Detour Project in 2013, an eleven months trip along nine iconic rivers worldwide : the Volga,  the Okavango, the Blue Nile, the Ganges, the Mekong, the Yangztze, the Mississippi, the Colorado and the Amazon.

This work revealed that the worldwide challenges related to rivers are more and more complex and put emphasis on an increasing loss of the human-river relationship. Considering those findings, a growing number of specialists are getting on with the reconciliation between the rivers as living bodies and their economic functions. They are also aiming to rethink the human-river relationship so that the inhabitants regain control of their rivers. These specialists contribute to the emergence of a new “river”, for which the paradigm would not be economical only but also social, cultural and ecological.

With WIRES, we are standing in a global thinking, sharing views and sensitivities between players worldwide.
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